Kashmir Knives Store

Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting/kitchen/BBQ knives set

240 USD

Hand Made Damascus Hunting/Kitchen/BBQ Knives Set.
Consist on 5 knives plus one knives carrier leather kit.

  1. Cleaver Blade length 6 inches and handle is 5 inches.
  2. Fillet knife Blade length 6 inches and handle is 5 inches. 
  3. Chef Knife Blade length is 7 inches and 5 inches handle.
  4. Pairing kitchen knife 6 inches blade and 5 inches handle.
  5. Steak 6 inches handle plus 5 inches blade.
    1. Handles made of Black Micarta.
    Damascus Twisted with 260 Layers and 58 HRC.
    awesome quality.Knives will come with free leather roll