Kashmir Knives Store

Two Axe and one Machete Made of Damascus steel Deal Custom order

520 USD
$220 for the one axe and $170 for the other axe same design.
$130 for the Hunting machete Cross-Fire Series #001.
All three products like in the pictures are with leather sheathes. 

Hatchet Damascus Smoke AXE Custom Hand Made Walnut Haft With Brass Carving Excellent Workmanship.

Blade is about 8.0 inches wide with cutting edge (from toe to heel) of about 4.25 inches. Haft if made by using olive wood. Curve of the haft provides excellent balance to the whole thing. Overall length of this pipe hawk is 18.5 inches. It simply is an amazing Work of Art 

Damascus Hole handle Machete

160 CAD
Custom made damascus steel Machete.
Overall length is 17''. full tang
Damascus is Hard till 57 HRC. Have much sharp edge like razor sharp.
Damascus pattern is Twist and layers 200-220.
handle is made of wood.
Knife is with a pure custom made leather sheathe.
 Shipping Included.